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ESP System FAQ

How do I get ESP System?2018-03-09T04:26:48+00:00

First, you must install ESP System to your Android™ or iOS™ device. Links can be found below. Or you can search your app store for “ESP System”.

Once ESP System is on your mobile device, you will need the PC application for Windows™ or macOS™. Those can be found below. 

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
Download for macOS
Download for Windows
How do I start ESP System?2018-03-09T04:33:16+00:00

Once ESP System is installed on both your mobile device and PC, look for the ESP System icon on your mobile device.

Once ESP System is running on your mobile device, open ESP System on your macOS or Windows PC. For Windows, this is found in your start menu. For macOS, it is in your Applications folder. 

When you open the ESP System application on your PC, it will automatically pair with your device. When this happens, you will see the Motion, Sound, and Light that your device is experiencing. 

From here, you may set up alarms to perform actions when your device experiences Motion, Sound, or Light.

How do I set the alarm?2018-03-09T04:51:58+00:00

After ESP System is automatically paired, you will need to adjust the sensitivity to match the surroundings of your device. Click the Sensitivity setting button on the left. 

In the sensitivity panel, adjust these sliders for motion, light and sound until you can see a fair amount of movement and the line doesn’t go above the middle of each. 
Next, you will need to choose what will trigger the alarm. Click the alarm settings icon. 

In this panel, you will need to select either “Normal” or “Paranoid” mode. Normal operation can be triggered by 1 or more sensor crossing the threshold in a set amount of time. You can adjust how many sensors need to be triggered, which ones matter, and how long the trigger window is. 
In Paranoid mode, any time a single threshold by any sensor is crossed, the alarm will be triggered. 

Next, Choose what you want to happen when the alarm is triggered. Click the Alarm actions button. 

In alarm actions, you can select any of the following options.

  • Choose any running application to close.
  • Choose any program or file to open.
  • Choose any web page to open.
  • Mute All Sound
  • Lock your computer.
  • Minimize all windows.
  • Minimize just ESP System.

Once your settings are correct, adjust the three thresholds to just above the highest visible point in the graphs. 


Turn the alarm on using the switch at the top. 

Where do I put my device?2018-03-09T04:53:51+00:00

Of course, this depends on who – or what – you need protection from. If it’s after hours and you need privacy from your spouse, place it in the bedroom on the nightstand. Or for best results, on the bed! We know this isn’t always possible, so this can be used outside your door, in the hallway or bathroom. Put your device between you and who you need protection from.

What if I have a problem?2018-03-09T04:59:43+00:00

We are so sorry! 
Give us a chance to help you out! Send us a message using the contact page at the top of our main site. OR just use this link. Contact Us
We are experts at supporting our software. We will reply to your message within the hour!

Can I suggest new features?2018-03-09T05:00:07+00:00

Yes! Of course you can suggest new features. If you find something that is missing, or have a great idea to add into ESP System contact us using the contact page on our main site OR using this link.  Contact Us 
We really believe in ESP System and want it to grow. We also understand the best ideas come from people using the software!

Is this safe?2018-03-09T04:58:01+00:00

The information being sent from your device’s sensors is encrypted, not that anyone would have a use for Light and Motion information. 
The Sound Level sensor is just that. It only measures the level of sound in the area, not actual sound.

What data does Novelogic collect?2018-03-09T04:59:03+00:00

We do not collect any data outside of the ESP System applications on Android™ and PC. We have no use for it and do not want to be involved with the kinds of people that would.
Like any website or application you already use, we employ Google Analytics to guage how often certain features are used, and if any errors occur. This gives us the opportunity to improve the application for you.
With this in mind, we do not collect any idendifying information about the user.
Seriously though, we don’t want to know who you are. And we definitely do not want to know what you may use this application for.
View the ESP System license agreement HERE