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Introducing ESP System

ESP System turns your Android™ or iOS™ device into a personal watchdog. ESP System sends data about your phone’s surroundings – Motion, Sound, And Light to your Windows or macOS computer while you browse or play VR.

When ESP System detects an unwanted presence, it can

  • Mute Sound
  • Minimize Windows
  • Launch any safe content site of your choice
  • Close applications
  • And MORE!

Use ESP System to protect yourself while viewing certain websites or playing VR.

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What We Do

Incredible App and Content Creation


To know the issues faced and problem our project is to solve is one of the key aspects before beginning a project.  The information gathered before work starts informs the end result.  We strive to be experts at the problems we solve, before we solve them.

Design Strategy

How an application or website is viewed and intended to be used is critical in its success.  Any product or application should be simple and intuitive, not straying from its main purpose for flashy and unnecessary elements.


Once in the engineering phase, the design is referred to and reviewed to keep functionality second nature.  We focus on smooth and error-free operation.  Optimizing where necessary to ensure lightweight, purpose driven code.


When our projects are made public, that isn’t the end.  We continually review code, features and usage.  Finding what works, and what features need revision.  Novelogic apps are intended to evolve with the user base, not restrict it.

We look forward to any project – whether it is your corporate web site, personal blog, or you next big app idea.  From iOS and macOS to Windows and Android, we can invent and build what you dream.  Use our contact us page to get in touch.  Let us know what you think, or propose your big idea.